Mini Armor Up Class


Are you tired of feeling like other people influence you more than they should be able to? Learn how to place healthy boundaries that support you daily.


Angela Nusbaum is inviting you to Armor Up!

This in depth series helps you recognize the patterns in your life that are allowing othesr to control and influence your behaviors and emotions and overcome them! Learn how to recognize, stope and rewire your responses to daily life. You don’t have to succumb to others’ opinions of what you should be! Learn simple tools to help build your confidence, knowledge of personal beliefs, hope, intuition and compassion. All of these skills help you become the person you were divinely created to be!


6 classes

45-60 minutes

Sandals – Hope and Preparation
Girdle – Creation and Basic Physiological Needs
Breastplate – Protects heart and vital organs, healthy boundaries, interact with those you love and acquaintances, healthy guidelines that protect everything you are.
Helmet – Connection to Divine.
Sword – Sword of the spirit. Ability to stand in your truth and know what that is.
Shield – Ability to overcome adversity.


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