Home & Self Alignment

Discover Purpose | Maintain Systems | Find Peace

This may be the opportunity you have been pleading for.

Are you anxious to create lasting peace in the walls of your home, a place of renewal to accomplish your life's dreams and purpose? Your home is the landing spot for you and all the members of your family. Are you ready to release your worn out systems and find a fulfilling and productive way to fulfill your purpose? Come on a journey with me!

Step 1

Doing Laundry

Recognize that your home is in disarray, and it feels overwhelming. You may feel like you are drowning and can’t keep your head above water.

Step 2

Mother reading to her young girl and boy in a blanket tent.

Accept the invite to get support. Let’s transform mayhem into order and your clutter into purpose. With an online format this program works with your schedule!

Step 3

Movie Night

Live your life with a better sense of freedom and purpose. Fuel your growth by giving each part of your home back its proper function and inspire its full capacity.

Your Home Alignment Guide

Angela Nusbaum

As a successful entrepreneur and personal development coach, I have been on a journey of self-improvement. I realized that the space I was around most (my home) needed to be improved before I could help others truly embrace the change they were seeking. My deep-seated passion for learning pivoted from my expertise in anatomy, massage therapy, and mentoring as I trained with world-renowned energy practitioners, interior designers, and crystal experts to create a new program called Home & Self Alignment. This unique process embraces the practices that have inspired countless clients with personal growth and expands their influence into the energy and flow inside your home. I am on a mission to teach women and men who have been captivated with self-development, but stuck in their own clutter, to transform their home into a sanctuary. You can expect to make and reach goals, discover and act on your purpose and realize that you are the lynchpin in your progress. When you balance your home, you balance your life!

Angela Nusbaum

Your home is a transformation waiting to happen!

Before you can make room for your family to eat at the kitchen table, or organize and maintain your laundry, or even relax and actually enjoy your house, you need to first recognize how your anxiety and stress about your physical space is supercharged by your inner turmoil.

Home Chakra

I guarantee that the inner work we do together will translate into physical transformation. Because you are the center of your house, when you grow and heal from the emotional disarray inside of yourself, you will naturally be able to change and maintain inside of your home.

You will be able to recognize the patterns and systems and how they are accepting the energy you are dealing with. Notice how your family is coming together, happy and celebrating. Enjoy the ease of maintaining systems for feeding, clothing, and supporting your family’s needs. Best of all, take a big breath and notice that tickle of peace you've been longing for.

What's Included in the Home & Self Alignment Class

In a seven series class you can harness the power of your creativity; create a sanctuary of peace; organize your tools to create balance and purpose. You will be amazed to see how simple strategies can create huge improvements!

Seven Training Videos

  • Root Chakra
    Make your home a safe space in the storms of life!
  • Sacral Chakra
    Embrace who you are by creating expressions of you throughout your home.
  • Solar Plexus/Heart Chakra
    Create momentum in your life and connect with relationships that inspire you to BE.
  • Throat Chakra
    Communicate more fluently when you do these simple things!
  • 3rd Eye Chakra
    Recognize and perceive that there is more to life and home than what you are now. Learn how this can improve your life.
  • Crown Chakra
    Overall Alignment
Home Alignment Chakras